About us

Paradigm Bio Aviation, LLC (PBA) is the U.S. operating company of the Paradigm Energies Group. PBA was formed to develop and deploy bio-synthetic fuel production technologies into multiple regional Integrated Bio-Refineries (“IBRs”). Primarily, these IBR’s will use local waste (dependant upon region) as the sustainable feedstock to produce and sell alternative jet fuel to commercial, corporate and military aviation.

Our operation is out of central Illinois; where Paradigm BioAviation has a longstanding aviation presence that includes: FBO facilities, commercial aircraft fueling, maintenance and part 135 charter operations. Paradigm BioAviation is working on a vertically integrated supply and delivery chain from feedstock into the aircraft. This comprises two working fronts in Illinois:

  1. A regional Airport/FBO for the commercialization of the necessary Alternative jet fuel delivery systems. This would include: blending and storage facilities, corporate aircraft user  input and evidence of overall carbon emission reduction in accordance with ACI-Europe ACA Program and FAA/ACRP guidelines.
  2. A foundation commercial demonstration facility in Illinois; where we have secured a long-term MSW (Municiple Solid Waste) supply sufficient enough to support a 10 Mgal/y plant. PBA is starting the “Siting Ordinance” application to acquire the land for this facility. Our goal is to reproduce these systems and facilities in multiple locations.

The current sustainable feedstock available for Bio-SPK jetfuel production is MSW in Illinois and woody biomass, lignin, in North Carolina.

Bio Fuel Plane In Flight